Building a Dragon, Part Two

Last week’s sketches were of an amulet and a couple of stick-figure dragons to show how it moves. The amulet is the dragon’s dormant stage, highly resistant to heat, pressure, and anything else short of a neutron star or black hole.

These two sketches are different, active poses. They’re rough sketches, not intended to be close to the final product (I’m not even going to ink them); I’m trying to draw what I want to see.

Remember, it’s a space dragon, not meant to land anywhere but to travel empty space. There are three nostrils; not 100% sure why I did that, I’ll think of something. The horns and dorsal spines burn with fire when the dragon’s fed; if the fire goes out it needs to eat. The arms and tail flange capture bits of planets and stellar material (plasma, mostly).

Rough sketches of my dragon

(Very) rough sketches for my dragon.


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