Why Teaching to the Test is Educational Malpractice

As a prospective teacher I ran into this too many times to count.


thumbnail_screen-shot-2016-11-03-at-12-20-50-pmMalpractice is defined as “careless, wrong, or illegal actions by someone (such as a doctor) who is performing a professional duty.”

In some fields it can get you arrested. In most it’s at least frowned upon.
In education, however, it’s encouraged.

In fact, as a teacher, you can be singled out, written up or even fired for refusing to engage in malpractice. You are bullied, cajoled and threatened into going along with practices that have been debunked by decades of research and innumerable case studies.

Take the all-too-common practice of teaching to the test.

Not only do students and teachers hate it, but the practice has been shown to actually harm student learning. Yet it is the number one prescription handed down from administrators and policymakers to bring up failing scores on high stakes standardized tests.

Never mind that those same test scores have likewise been proven to be…

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One thought on “Why Teaching to the Test is Educational Malpractice

  1. Repeatedly, as a teacher working inside low-income and largely English Language Learning buildings I would be pulled out of my classes and forced into trainings where I’d get handouts or books which explicitly stated that teaching to the test was a defeating idea for language learners, and then be sent back into my school filled with “fixer” management punitively pushing only teaching to the test. Nothing about school reform ever makes sense.

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