Saving For Posterity.

Over the years I’ve done a lot of things. For the most part, I haven’t saved anything I’ve created – snapshots, pictures, writing … almost nothing. The one exception is computer code, because it’s portable and you never know when you’ll need it again. But for any other creative endeavor I’ve always felt my memory was enough.

Now that I’m drawing I’ve decided to save everything. I don’t like to waste paper, so I scan it and save it as a picture or a PDF file. Why am I saving everything now? So I can gauge my progress. Not so much how long it took, but whether I make any progress at all.

This change in approach is part of a new attitude I’m trying to develop. I want to remain positive and committed to creating comics, and to do that I have to both write (which I’m already fairly good at) and draw, which I may have been good at once (I honestly don’t know!), but not in at least 30 years. My idea is that keeping even the firstborn drawings will remind me, later, how far I’ve come, how much improvement I’ve made. In turn, during times when I think “I suck at this” (and those times will be frequent, believe me), I’ll be able to pull out my beginner work and see just how far I’ve progressed.

So you, too, can join my journey. Here’s my first attempt at perspective drawing.

First attempts at perspective

And here’s some natural history pictures.

Sketches, 2016-08-21


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