My very first drawing

In my previous post (The Learning Process Begins) I wrote about the entire process of writing an OEL manga. This blog is more about the specific process of drawing and inking.

So here’s my first try; I drew myself from my LinkedIn picture.

Me - second try

Technically it’s my second try, but I botched the inking on the first try. I used a Sharpie, which made the lines too thick, and one tiny shake of the hand gave me a huge black eye. I still have the drawing, it’s in my portfolio – but I’m not sharing that.

It’s not as bad as I thought it would be. Or is that “it’s better than I thought it would be”? I’m my own worst critic, so I can’t tell. I’ll beat it up a little; feel free to comment below. Please try not to be too mean – or too complimentary, either.

  • I am having some difficulty translating my personal drawing style into the manga style. I may have overdone some lines….
  • Some things are uneven; nothing I didn’t expect.
  • I’m not copying anyone’s style. That’s intentional. I don’t want to draw “like” anyone; I want to draw like me. I don’t want to “be” anyone but me; isn’t that hard enough, to be yourself?

The more I look at it, the better I like it.

Remember, Dan, it’s your first go. Remember your first omelet, your first carpentry project, your first coding project (OK, that one was damned good), that ugly green cake, the first time you “fixed” a carburetor (set the engine on fire, remember that)?

And whether my audience thinks it’s good or bad, or I think it’s good or bad… it was fun. I’m going to do more.


One thought on “My very first drawing

  1. I don’t think it looks like you but that’s my humble opinion. I think your face is longer. Perhaps that is simply perspective. If I were to draw me, it would be ugly. Mostly because I suck at drawing but also because I don’t think very highly of my looks and I know that would come across in my drawing. All in all I think you did an awesome job, whether it looks like the “real” thing or not. No person is symetrical any way, don’t worry about the “uneven” that is what makes it more distinct. And you got your smirk right!

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